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It would seem strange to consider this an art, but alas it sure is! Out to the garage or shed millions of people go every year in the Fall, to clean-up the colorful donations from our trees! This is a great time of the year, with the whole family being able to get outside, helping with the clean-up, while having great fun jumping in piles of leaves. Aside from the fun, everyone needs their own unique, systematic, and even a somewhat methodical approach to this process. Depending on the size of your property, it sometimes makes sense to get a gas-powered, backpack type of blower which is more powerful than other battery-powered and electronic models. If, however, you opt for an electric blower, be sure the corresponding extension cord is long enough for you to get around your property. All things to consider.

Collecting the Leaves Effectively

Using tarps is likely the best way to go to get the leaves to a manageable, and portable, state. The first step would be to load up about 6 or 7 tall brown leaf bags that can be found at most local grocery stores during leaf season. They will provide a “backboard” for the tarp. You will want to get a large tarp, and use the filled brown bags to both anchor the tarp to the ground, and provide a buffer for incoming leaves. Blowing the leaves onto the tarp makes it possible to move them to either a mulching pit on your property, to a truck where they will be taken to a transfer station, or to have 3 helpers each take one corner, lifting it up, and creating a chute so as to easily transfer the leaves to a brown bag for municipal, curbside pick-up.

If you are working alone, and if you have a front porch, anchoring a tarp with some rope to the front porch railing might help. Working with smaller amounts of leaves is also necessary in this case, so you might want to purchase a smaller tarp. The other thing to consider is where on the lawn to start. You want to start at the point furthest away from the final place where you are planning to put the leaves. Be it right-to-left, or front-to-back, the system needs to be carried out systematically. Leaves are nothing short of unruly, and they require concerted effort to round them up!

leaf blowing maniacsAdvanced Leaf Blowing Techniques

One more thing to consider is to move the leaves when it has been dry for a few days. Rain really weighs down the leaves making them hard to move with a blower. This is when you will have to take out the rake, which is a far more laborious process. Keeping a calendar based on weather forecasts as coordinated with your available leaf-blowing time is very important. All too often people plan to blow leaves on a certain day, and unfortunately they did not consult the weather report first. For this reason, pencilling in 2 or 3 leaf-blowing sessions per week into your schedule will help you manage your leaf-removal with ease.

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