Air Compressor Top Choices

 air compressorThe best air compressor for home use

An air compressor is a device that is used to convert power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. It uses an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine. Choosing an air compressor mainly for home use can be very challenging especially to a person who has never done that before. This is mainly because the air compressor can be designed either for home use or for industrial use and there is a big difference between the two.

In choosing an air compressor one must consider a number of factors, which include:

  • Noise production. An air compressor for home use should produce less noise that one that is designed to be used in the industry.
  • Portability of the air compressor. It should one, which can easily carry around from one place to the other.
  • Pump type. One can choose this depending on their preference. The pump type can either be single stage or two stages or either oil lubricated or oil free. The two stages is a type of compressor, which has at least two cylinders whereas the single stage has one cylinder.
  • The existence of an air cooling system is also another consideration mainly because it helps to extend the life of the machinery.
  • Roll cage must be well fitted to protect the compressor from being crushed mainly in the cause of the job.
  • Automatic Overload switch as this helps in ensuring that the motor is switched off if it overheats which also increases the life of the air compressor.

best air compressorConclusion

The best air compressor for home use is the MakitaMAC700 Big Bore2.0 HP Air compressor. This type of a compressor is designed in a way that it can be suitable for home use mainly because it produces less noise therefore there is reduced likelihood of having the eardrum of the users damaged. It has exemplary features such as a big bore pump and a cast iron cylinder, which gives increased compression and faster recovery time.

In addition to this, the air compressor is durable and can be used in any type of environment depending on the choice of the user. It has a large automotive filter, which leads to increased air intake. Due to the fact that the Makita air compressor is oil lubricated, the manufacturer advises the user to frequently change the oil to avoid any damages.