A Buyers Guide for Pressure Washer Reviews

homelite1What you need to know to select a pressure washer

If you are considering the purchase or rental of a pressure washer you’ll want to make sure that you get one that can do the job or jobs you need it for. The family handyman suggests several things to look for including: 1. at least 1300 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi) pressure 2. A water source providing a continuous flow of 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) The same source points out that gasoline powered models are generally more powerful than electric ones when considering pressure washer and cleaner reviews. It is also noted that the type of nozzle used and how it forms and directs the sprayed water will be an important consideration.

Homelite offers several quality models

Here then are a few of the best Homelite pressure washer reviews. Homelite offers 3 different models from it’s online site,

Model Hl252300 provides pressurized water at 2500 psi and a flow rate of 2.3 gpm. It has a 179 cc OHV engine. Model UT80522b can produce water at 2700 psi. The flow rate is not specified. This pressure washer also has a 179 cc OHV engine. (According to Westinghouse, OHV or Overhead Valve Engine’s have the advantage, of their design of making them more compact and therefore easier to manoeuvre and often lighter than other style models.)  Model UT 80933A has a 161 cc Honda Engine. This model also sprays water at 2700 psi. The flow rate is 2.3 gpm.

 homelite reviews 2All three models share certain features

  • Each of the three Homelite pressure washers featured on the company’s home site have several things in common. All three have:
  • A high pressure hose (Information on the HL252300 specifies it is 25 feet long.)
  • A user friendly trigger handle so strain to your hands and wrists should not be a concern.
  • The handle also has a lockout feature.
  • A steel wand with a coupling to make quick connections possible
  • 4 different nozzle types to provide more spray pattern options. Specifically, these are 0, 25 and 40 degrees. There is also a nozzle to be used with soap.
  • A detergent injection hose, with accompanying filter and lubricant
  • An operator’s manual. (The Honda engine model also comes with an Engine manual.)
  • A storage area for these items.
  •  The HL252300 and the UT80522B also have a roll cage frame. This protects the engine and its parts.

Homelite may be keeping its best pressure washer a secret

Ironically the best Homelite pressure washer of all doesn’t even seem to be featured on the company’s own website. At least not if you consider raw power a primary indicator of quality. Model UT80432 has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm with spray power of 3100 psi. In an article rating the top 5 pressure washers Popular Mechanics rated this Homelite pressure washer best overall. This ranking was given mainly because of the devices superior cleaning power. Popular Mechanics assigns it a cleaning unit rating of 7750. This is a figure derived at by multiplying the pressure rate number by the flow rate. (So the HL252300 offers 5750 CU, the UT80933A 6210.) The UT80432 has a single nozzle but it can be adjusted so 5 different spray patterns are available.