Top Lawn Mowers

top lawn mower reviews Best Lawn Mowers from Pete

Lawn mowers come in a variety of shapes, and sizes, while also coming in electric, gas and manual styles. It always seemed an oxymoron that the lawn mower that will give a person the best workout is also the least expensive. Traditional “push” style, manual reel mowers are excellent sources of exercise, they require very little maintenance, sans the every blade sharpening every few years, and also come with optional catchers that will collect grass shavings just as a bag would on a gas or electric mower. You can easily get a nice model for under $100 at Target, and most other retailers. These are perfect for small lawns, perhaps 1/2 acre or less. You can also find them used online at some local marketplaces, often times quite cheap.

Unless environmental concerns are of concern, the $25 – $50 difference between the cost of a small electric lawnmower versus a gas-powered mower of similar size, is likely money well-spent. Electric mowers are fairly inexpensive, with most running about $125-$150, but charging them or keeping them connected to an extension cord while you mow, can be challenging. There is also a bit more power with gas models. The electric models, for small lawns under 1 acre, are a good alternative especially for people that don’t want to have gas around, or to have to get a gas-powered mower repaired. Most major retailers, including Sears, carry a few different models of electric lawnmowers.

lawn mowerThese retailers also have some very inexpensive, small, gas-powered push mowers. Sears has a Craftsman gas-powered, push lawnmower for $162 ( It has a 4-star overall rating based on 50 purchasers who reported back their findings on this model. Another Craftsman model that receives high ratings from those who own it, and that is also self-propelled, is available at Sears costs $249. Purchasers have given this an overall 4 star rating, as compiled based on feedback from 335 people who purchased this model. Home Depot has a self-propelled Briggs and Stratton model, which also receives a 4-star rating from those who have purchased it.

Before buying a lawnmower, the size of the lawn, size of blades, ratings, if it is equipped with a side discharge and whether you want a push or self-propelled style are all questions that should be answered before you even begin to shop. Also knowing the maximum you want to spend will further help to narrow down your options, making shopping much easier.

Air Compressor Top Choices

 air compressorThe best air compressor for home use

An air compressor is a device that is used to convert power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. It uses an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine. Choosing an air compressor mainly for home use can be very challenging especially to a person who has never done that before. This is mainly because the air compressor can be designed either for home use or for industrial use and there is a big difference between the two.

In choosing an air compressor one must consider a number of factors, which include:

  • Noise production. An air compressor for home use should produce less noise that one that is designed to be used in the industry.
  • Portability of the air compressor. It should one, which can easily carry around from one place to the other.
  • Pump type. One can choose this depending on their preference. The pump type can either be single stage or two stages or either oil lubricated or oil free. The two stages is a type of compressor, which has at least two cylinders whereas the single stage has one cylinder.
  • The existence of an air cooling system is also another consideration mainly because it helps to extend the life of the machinery.
  • Roll cage must be well fitted to protect the compressor from being crushed mainly in the cause of the job.
  • Automatic Overload switch as this helps in ensuring that the motor is switched off if it overheats which also increases the life of the air compressor.

best air compressorConclusion

The best air compressor for home use is the MakitaMAC700 Big Bore2.0 HP Air compressor. This type of a compressor is designed in a way that it can be suitable for home use mainly because it produces less noise therefore there is reduced likelihood of having the eardrum of the users damaged. It has exemplary features such as a big bore pump and a cast iron cylinder, which gives increased compression and faster recovery time.

In addition to this, the air compressor is durable and can be used in any type of environment depending on the choice of the user. It has a large automotive filter, which leads to increased air intake. Due to the fact that the Makita air compressor is oil lubricated, the manufacturer advises the user to frequently change the oil to avoid any damages.

Top Water Bottles to Choose

top water holdersThe Best 3 Available Kids Water Bottles

In today’s busy day schedule, away from home and children in school, it is important to have access to a water bottle at all times. This is not only for adults but it is important to children too. Children tend to get thirsty faster than getting hungry due to their playful state. Having them carry a bottle of water with them helps them a lot. It helps in keeping their bodies fit, healthy and not dehydrated due to the excessive play.

Children love attractive and bright colored things. Therefore, the water bottles should be attractive with bright colors or even engraves with animated pictures. Children tent to take care of their colorful water bottle rather than just a plain thing. Choosing the best water bottle for your child has become a challenge because they are a variety in the market. Nevertheless, there are 3 best water bottles in the market that will give you the best outcome without disappointing you or the child.

The best three water bottles that have all this features are;

  • Thermos foogo insulated straw bottle
  • Bubba hero sport
  • The auto seal kid scout water bottle.

The children’s water bottles must have a few features that will keep the child safe and also clean;

  • They should be leak proof; the lid must fit well to the bottle to avoid the child spilling water on their clothes.
  • 18/8 grade stainless steel, insulated
  • Straw top or sport top to help the child sipping the water without soiling themselves.
  • Should be an attractive bottle for the child not to feel so odd amongst others.

kids water bottlesThe advantages to these water bottles are that;

  • They do not leak, even when stored upside down or tossed around by the playful child.
  • They are steel insulated, including the lid too,
  • Have extra lids that you can interchange every day. This enable one to clean the bottle and decontaminate the lid frequently
  • They are also easy to clean.

The bottle may also have their own disadvantages like;

  • Some might be a bit heavy to carry
  • Buttons may be too hard for kids to push in the case of the autoseal kid scout
  • The straw may be too small which requires brushing it when washing

The great nice featured water bottles make the children feel good and keep drinking water from the bottles even when they are just in the house; they are also eco friendly bottles. The water bottles are safe to use for all ages of children.

Best Leaf Blowers

leaf blower 1Leaf Blower Reviews

It would seem strange to consider this an art, but alas it sure is! Out to the garage or shed millions of people go every year in the Fall, to clean-up the colorful donations from our trees! This is a great time of the year, with the whole family being able to get outside, helping with the clean-up, while having great fun jumping in piles of leaves. Aside from the fun, everyone needs their own unique, systematic, and even a somewhat methodical approach to this process. Depending on the size of your property, it sometimes makes sense to get a gas-powered, backpack type of blower which is more powerful than other battery-powered and electronic models. If, however, you opt for an electric blower, be sure the corresponding extension cord is long enough for you to get around your property. All things to consider.

Collecting the Leaves Effectively

Using tarps is likely the best way to go to get the leaves to a manageable, and portable, state. The first step would be to load up about 6 or 7 tall brown leaf bags that can be found at most local grocery stores during leaf season. They will provide a “backboard” for the tarp. You will want to get a large tarp, and use the filled brown bags to both anchor the tarp to the ground, and provide a buffer for incoming leaves. Blowing the leaves onto the tarp makes it possible to move them to either a mulching pit on your property, to a truck where they will be taken to a transfer station, or to have 3 helpers each take one corner, lifting it up, and creating a chute so as to easily transfer the leaves to a brown bag for municipal, curbside pick-up.

If you are working alone, and if you have a front porch, anchoring a tarp with some rope to the front porch railing might help. Working with smaller amounts of leaves is also necessary in this case, so you might want to purchase a smaller tarp. The other thing to consider is where on the lawn to start. You want to start at the point furthest away from the final place where you are planning to put the leaves. Be it right-to-left, or front-to-back, the system needs to be carried out systematically. Leaves are nothing short of unruly, and they require concerted effort to round them up!

leaf blowing maniacsAdvanced Leaf Blowing Techniques

One more thing to consider is to move the leaves when it has been dry for a few days. Rain really weighs down the leaves making them hard to move with a blower. This is when you will have to take out the rake, which is a far more laborious process. Keeping a calendar based on weather forecasts as coordinated with your available leaf-blowing time is very important. All too often people plan to blow leaves on a certain day, and unfortunately they did not consult the weather report first. For this reason, pencilling in 2 or 3 leaf-blowing sessions per week into your schedule will help you manage your leaf-removal with ease.

Car Buying Guide

car buyCar Buying Guides in Review

Sooner or later everyone will need transportation. Cars are necessary for driving to work, running errands, dropping kids off at school and for taking trips out of town. Owning a late model vehicle can be expensive and for this reason many people purchase second hand cars to get around town. Buying a second hand car can be a difficult or self-defeating activity if you are not familiar with this process. The following information will explain how to buy a second hand car.

Cost is the most Important Factor

When it comes to purchasing a car, cost will be the most important factor. Most people usually buy a vehicle within their price range. However, there are quite a few individuals who spend more money on an automobile vehicle than they can afford. As a rule of thumb, you should not spend more than 20% of your monthly income on transportation. If you can stay within this price range you should be able to acquire the type of vehicle that you need without stressing your finances.

new carSelect the Right Type of Vehicle

When you plan on buying a used car you must figure out what type of vehicle that you can purchase within your means. Keep in mind that your finances will determine the choices you have available to you. People with more money to spend on a car will usually have a wider selection available to them. Make sure you know what type of vehicle you need or want before visiting a car lot.

Check a Vehicle’s History Report

You should also check a vehicle’s history report to figure out what type of damage that a car has experienced over the years. A vehicles history report will also disclose other information about a vehicle pertaining to previous owners and where the vehicle has been located. You will be able to figure out this information by running the VIN number through a database that keeps track of this information. There are companies that will provide this service to consumers.

Test Drives and Inspections

Do not forget that you should always test drive a car before buying it. Taking a vehicle on a test drive will help you to quickly determine if it is a good fit for you. If you can, have a vehicle inspected before you put money down on it. This might not always be an easy thing to do but if you are able to do it then you should. A local repair shop can be used for this purpose. Some of you might know a competent mechanic who will be willing to come with you to a lot. They can quickly determine if there are some general issues with the car that you want to buy. Ultimately, if you follow these simple steps to purchasing a car you will should be able to find a dependable mode of transportation that will not drain your finances.

Preparing Walls for Painting

 paint and tape walls How to Prepare Walls Before Painting Them

Before you paint any surface, it has to be made ready to accept the paint. How to prepare walls before painting them requires well-planned preparation, which will make all the difference. With the right tools, you can make a room look totally new. You can’t just apply paint to a wall which already has paint on it.  Before you prepare a wall for painting, you will want to take steps to protect your floors and furniture from splattered paint. Remove as much furniture from the room to be painted as possible and lay down paper or canvas drop clothes to protect the floors.

Start surveying your walls for dents, holes, and cracks, as these will need to be filled in to get an even surface. By using a putty knife you can also remove loose or scaling paint and then sand the paint edges to ensure a smooth surface. Wallpaper can be removed with special solutions from your hardware store. Most of the newer vinyl-type wallpapers can simply be peeled off. They will, however, leave a sticky residue, which can be removed with a sponge and warm water. Some of the older types of wallpaper may require coarse sand paper. The surface should be cleaned thoroughly, and once the wall is dry it should be resealed with an oil-based sealer. How to prepare walls before painting them will take the best part of a day.

paint tradiesHow to prepare walls before painting them will be made easier by following these easy steps:

  • Remove as much furniture from the room as possible
  • Check for cracks and dents and fill them. Prime the repaired areas according to manufacturer’s directions. This is to ensure that the paint will adhere well and to also prevent future peeling. Check advice and tips for priming unpainted wood, as this may require a different type of primer.
  • If you are re-painting walls you may not need to put on primer first, unless, of course, you are making a paint change from a dark paint color to a lighter shade.
  • When you apply over a porous surface, mix with up to 20% water as this will seal the surface and also promote adhesion.
  • After fixing flaws, wash down the walls with warm water and soap to remove grease and dirt
  • A previous paint job may be peeling and you will need to remove it. Scrape the flaking paint with a scraper.
  • This is important because flaking paint means the new paint won’t adhere. Once the flaking paint is removed, smooth the edges with medium sandpaper. Make sure, because in some instances you will need to scrape the entire area. Sometimes an electric stripper can help to make completion of the job quicker.
  • Wash the entire surface with sugar soap before painting, you can protect wall trim with painters tape. If you opt not to mask around windows and doors, you can minimize the risk of paint spattering by using a paint shield which can be bought from your local paint dealer.
  • Make sure that all your tins of paint are exactly the same color, stir the paint in the tin thoroughly before use
    and apply two coats. Remember that by taking short cuts and using low-quality paintbrushes and paint can cost more in remedial work.

paint wallsA process Followed by the Professionals

How to prepare walls before painting them is a step-by-step process, and if you take time to do things the right way, you’ll find that you’ll achieve a professional-looking painting job because you will have followed the route the professionals take themselves.

A Buyers Guide for Pressure Washer Reviews

homelite1What you need to know to select a pressure washer

If you are considering the purchase or rental of a pressure washer you’ll want to make sure that you get one that can do the job or jobs you need it for. The family handyman suggests several things to look for including: 1. at least 1300 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi) pressure 2. A water source providing a continuous flow of 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) The same source points out that gasoline powered models are generally more powerful than electric ones when considering pressure washer and cleaner reviews. It is also noted that the type of nozzle used and how it forms and directs the sprayed water will be an important consideration.

Homelite offers several quality models

Here then are a few of the best Homelite pressure washer reviews. Homelite offers 3 different models from it’s online site,

Model Hl252300 provides pressurized water at 2500 psi and a flow rate of 2.3 gpm. It has a 179 cc OHV engine. Model UT80522b can produce water at 2700 psi. The flow rate is not specified. This pressure washer also has a 179 cc OHV engine. (According to Westinghouse, OHV or Overhead Valve Engine’s have the advantage, of their design of making them more compact and therefore easier to manoeuvre and often lighter than other style models.)  Model UT 80933A has a 161 cc Honda Engine. This model also sprays water at 2700 psi. The flow rate is 2.3 gpm.

 homelite reviews 2All three models share certain features

  • Each of the three Homelite pressure washers featured on the company’s home site have several things in common. All three have:
  • A high pressure hose (Information on the HL252300 specifies it is 25 feet long.)
  • A user friendly trigger handle so strain to your hands and wrists should not be a concern.
  • The handle also has a lockout feature.
  • A steel wand with a coupling to make quick connections possible
  • 4 different nozzle types to provide more spray pattern options. Specifically, these are 0, 25 and 40 degrees. There is also a nozzle to be used with soap.
  • A detergent injection hose, with accompanying filter and lubricant
  • An operator’s manual. (The Honda engine model also comes with an Engine manual.)
  • A storage area for these items.
  •  The HL252300 and the UT80522B also have a roll cage frame. This protects the engine and its parts.

Homelite may be keeping its best pressure washer a secret

Ironically the best Homelite pressure washer of all doesn’t even seem to be featured on the company’s own website. At least not if you consider raw power a primary indicator of quality. Model UT80432 has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm with spray power of 3100 psi. In an article rating the top 5 pressure washers Popular Mechanics rated this Homelite pressure washer best overall. This ranking was given mainly because of the devices superior cleaning power. Popular Mechanics assigns it a cleaning unit rating of 7750. This is a figure derived at by multiplying the pressure rate number by the flow rate. (So the HL252300 offers 5750 CU, the UT80933A 6210.) The UT80432 has a single nozzle but it can be adjusted so 5 different spray patterns are available.