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Lawn mowers come in a variety of shapes, and sizes, while also coming in electric, gas and manual styles. It always seemed an oxymoron that the lawn mower that will give a person the best workout is also the least expensive. Traditional “push” style, manual reel mowers are excellent sources of exercise, they require very little maintenance, sans the every blade sharpening every few years, and also come with optional catchers that will collect grass shavings just as a bag would on a gas or electric mower. You can easily get a nice model for under $100 at Target, and most other retailers. These are perfect for small lawns, perhaps 1/2 acre or less. You can also find them used online at some local marketplaces, often times quite cheap.

Unless environmental concerns are of concern, the $25 – $50 difference between the cost of a small electric lawnmower versus a gas-powered mower of similar size, is likely money well-spent. Electric mowers are fairly inexpensive, with most running about $125-$150, but charging them or keeping them connected to an extension cord while you mow, can be challenging. There is also a bit more power with gas models. The electric models, for small lawns under 1 acre, are a good alternative especially for people that don’t want to have gas around, or to have to get a gas-powered mower repaired. Most major retailers, including Sears, carry a few different models of electric lawnmowers.

lawn mowerThese retailers also have some very inexpensive, small, gas-powered push mowers. Sears has a Craftsman gas-powered, push lawnmower for $162 ( It has a 4-star overall rating based on 50 purchasers who reported back their findings on this model. Another Craftsman model that receives high ratings from those who own it, and that is also self-propelled, is available at Sears costs $249. Purchasers have given this an overall 4 star rating, as compiled based on feedback from 335 people who purchased this model. Home Depot has a self-propelled Briggs and Stratton model, which also receives a 4-star rating from those who have purchased it.

Before buying a lawnmower, the size of the lawn, size of blades, ratings, if it is equipped with a side discharge and whether you want a push or self-propelled style are all questions that should be answered before you even begin to shop. Also knowing the maximum you want to spend will further help to narrow down your options, making shopping much easier.

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