Top Water Bottles to Choose

top water holdersThe Best 3 Available Kids Water Bottles

In today’s busy day schedule, away from home and children in school, it is important to have access to a water bottle at all times. This is not only for adults but it is important to children too. Children tend to get thirsty faster than getting hungry due to their playful state. Having them carry a bottle of water with them helps them a lot. It helps in keeping their bodies fit, healthy and not dehydrated due to the excessive play.

Children love attractive and bright colored things. Therefore, the water bottles should be attractive with bright colors or even engraves with animated pictures. Children tent to take care of their colorful water bottle rather than just a plain thing. Choosing the best water bottle for your child has become a challenge because they are a variety in the market. Nevertheless, there are 3 best water bottles in the market that will give you the best outcome without disappointing you or the child.

The best three water bottles that have all this features are;

  • Thermos foogo insulated straw bottle
  • Bubba hero sport
  • The auto seal kid scout water bottle.

The children’s water bottles must have a few features that will keep the child safe and also clean;

  • They should be leak proof; the lid must fit well to the bottle to avoid the child spilling water on their clothes.
  • 18/8 grade stainless steel, insulated
  • Straw top or sport top to help the child sipping the water without soiling themselves.
  • Should be an attractive bottle for the child not to feel so odd amongst others.

kids water bottlesThe advantages to these water bottles are that;

  • They do not leak, even when stored upside down or tossed around by the playful child.
  • They are steel insulated, including the lid too,
  • Have extra lids that you can interchange every day. This enable one to clean the bottle and decontaminate the lid frequently
  • They are also easy to clean.

The bottle may also have their own disadvantages like;

  • Some might be a bit heavy to carry
  • Buttons may be too hard for kids to push in the case of the autoseal kid scout
  • The straw may be too small which requires brushing it when washing

The great nice featured water bottles make the children feel good and keep drinking water from the bottles even when they are just in the house; they are also eco friendly bottles. The water bottles are safe to use for all ages of children.

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